Resident Resources

Need a repair?

Call our office to start a work order.

How are rent payments collected?

  • We do not accept cash
  • We do automatic withdraw that comes out on the 5th of each month, if the 5th falls on a weekend it comes out the Friday before.
  • Check or money order can be brought to the office 24/7 if we are not in, we have a drop box right outside our office.

Do you require housing inspections?

Inspection and recertification is yearly in the month that you moved in. For family units inspection is twice a year in spring and fall.

How do I pay for washer & dryer use?

Our washer and dryers are coin operated, and you can also use them by using your smartphone.

Is footwear required in common (shared) spaces?

Yes. When in common areas, you must have footwear on.

Where is the outgoing mailbox?

The outgoing mailbox is the slot right above the mailboxes. 

Still have questions?

Please call the office with any questions, we are the best source for questions regarding your lease and the building rules.