Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How do I apply?

Stop by the office and pick up a application, print out the application from this site or e-mail us at vha@mwt.net and we can email you an application.

Do you allow pets?

Yes, per guidelines of our pet policy.

I filled out an application, where am I at on the waiting list?

You are not on the waiting list until your application is processed and all references are returned. At that point we will mail you a letter to let you know that you are placed on the waiting list or if your application is denied.

How long till an apartment/house becomes available?

There is no way for us to track this, so our answer is we do not know.

Are utilities included?

It varies by the unit rented.

Park View Manor Units include the following utilities:  water/sewer. heat, and electricity. However, residents agree to pay excess electricity for air conditioners and freezers.

Family Units do not include utilities, as the resident is responsible for all utilities.

How much is security deposit?


How much is the pet deposit?


Is the office open on weekends?


Can I see an apartment?

Yes, we do have one apartment that is available to view, or we can let you know when one is open so you can look at it.